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Technical Properties

The Super GRANIT ® -marble and stone adhesives are solvent, alkali, acid, resistant; at -20&degC + 100 °C they do not allow physical changes such as disruption, cracking, softening, flexion; and are insensitive to vibrations.

Adhesives For Standart Use

CODE: EB 19-EB 20-EB 25 (Densty D=1.75) Those adhesives are used in sticking and joinning together or with one another such materials as marble, stone, ceramic, tile, baked, clay, emery and polishing stone, concrete and wood.

Physical And Chemical Properties

(Of EB 19, EB 20, EB 25)
Viscosity : At 25 °C Brookfield RTV
Spidle No.7 : rpm 5 280.000 cps
rpm 20 103.000 cps
rpm 50 56.800 cps
Thixotropic Index : 7
Flash point : 39.2°C
Setting time : At ambient temperature of 0°C 25-30 min
At ambient temperature of 15°C 16 min
At ambient temperature of 30°C 7-8 min


Mechanical Properties

Barcol hardnes
(After 24 hrs)
Tensile strenght 500 kg/cm2 (ASTM.D.638)
Traction module 30.000 kg/cm2 (ASTM.D.638)
Resistance to flexion and traction %2 (ASTM.D638)
Resistance to flexion 600 kg/cm2(ASTM.D.790)
Elastical flexion module 27.000 kg/cm2(ASTM.D.790)
Arrowing 1.8 mm. (ASTM.D.790)
Electricity coefficient on 1 mm plate of granite 27.500V ohm 10.15

Special Adhesives and Field of Use

EB 24: (Density D=1.74) Thixotropic white adhesive.
EB 29: (Density D=1.12) Liquid adhesive, fills up and blocs porous surfaces.
EB 30: (Density D=1.05) Thixotropic transparent adhesive for vertical surfaces which not leave any drippings.
EB 27: (Density D=1.74) TRAVERTINE FILLER used to fill porous surface of travertine or similar marbles
EB 40: (Density D=1.74) Thixotropic black, red oxid...... adhesive.


Types of Package

EB19 GRANIT ® /TIXO (std. use) 0.250 kg
EB20 GRANIT ® /TIXO (std. use) 500 ml (~0.875 kg)
EB25 GRANIT ® /TIXO (std. use) 750 ml (~1.312 kg)
EB24 GRANIT ® /TIXO (white) 750 ml (~1.312 kg)
EB27 GRANIT ® /TIXO (travertin filler) 750 ml (~1.305 kg)
EB29 GRANIT ® /LIQUID (transparent) 1000 ml (~1.120 kg)
EB30 GRANIT ® /TIXO (transparent) 1000 ml (~1.050 kg)
EB40 GRANIT ® /TIXO (black-red) 750 ml (~1.305 kg)

Direction for Use

Super GRANIT® is applied with a spatila or towel. For larger surfaces it can be applied with a scraper. To achieve bet results when glueing or filling marble, it is important that surface is dry and perfectly cleaned. The compount i.e. the principal material, is mixed with the setting component (herter) at the rate of % 1-3 and applied on to surface to be sticked.
Setting time at 20°C is 7 to 10 minutes.

Pigment Paste

The pigment pastes useful for make apporiate colour of marble glue to marble's colour. Mix the paste % 2 - % 0,5 rate in marble glue.

Colours and Types of Package

L. Yellow : 30 ml. (50 gr.)
D. Yellow : 30 ml. (50 gr.)
Red : 30 ml. (50 gr.)
Rust Colour : 30 ml. (50 gr.)
Black : 30 ml. (50 gr.)
White : 30 ml. (50 gr.)
D. Blue : 30 ml. (50 gr.)
Brown : 30 ml. (50 gr.)

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