The following are some projects that we have participated in the building materials supply, Material design and installation:

Project Name Location Details Date
TienJin Financial and Educational Center Tien Jin, China 18000 M2 China Stones with Anchor System by Baldanza 1998
CTS SQUARE  Building Guanzhou,China 20000 M2  China  Stones with spider Anchor System by Baldanza 1999 - 2000
Kuwait University Kuwait Sak Special sizes  like 50x50x7.5cm natural stones by Baldanza & Alhani Construction  2000 - ON
Changsha post and Telecom Bld . Shanghai,China natural stones Lobby &2nd Floor Columns by Chu 1995-1996
MinMen Hotel Changchun,China natural stones Lobby &2nd Floor by Chu & VDM 1995
United Shopping Centre Dongguan,china natural stones Columns by Chu & VDM 1995
New Century plaza Shanghai,china natural stones External wall and  44 m columns by Chu &VDM 1995
Customs Building shanghai,china 14000M2 of natural stones external wall by Chu & VDM 1994-1995
Hong Qiao Friendship Centre Shanghai,china All natural stones floors by Chu & VDM 1994-1995
Rome Garden Shanghai,china All natural stones lobby for bld a,b,c,d by  Chu & VDM 1994
Shanghai Television Station Shanghai,china natural stones Lobby and all columns by Chu & VDM 1994
The  Agricultural Bank of China Shenzhen,china All interior natural stones by Chu & VDM 1994
Sunshine Hotel Shenzhen,china Phase 2, natural stones Anchor Columns by Chu & VDM 1994
New Garden Hotel Ningbo,china All Interior stones by Chu & VDM 1994
Golden Dragon Hotel Shaoxing,china natural stones Columns by Chu & VDM 1994
WenFeng Hotel Nantong ,china Phase 2,natural  Stones  by Chu & VDM 1994
East Sea Port Hotel Ningbo,china natural stones Lobby by Chu & VDM 1993
Gold Coast Lawton  Hotel Hainan,china natural stones Lobby by Chu  VDM 1992-1993
China Electronics &Science tec bld Shenzhen,china All interior natural stones by Chu & VDM 1992
Guangdong International Hotel Guangzhou,china  natural stones Lobby and columns by Chu & Alan c 1991

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