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ELKAY TICARET was estabilished in 1962 by Eliya BARUH as a chemical supplier for the local market in Istanbul. Ten years later, changes in the building industry and the increasing demand for marble and similiar materials pushed ELKAY TICARET into the stone industry in 1972. Today, the company is a supplier of glues for stone installation.

The company began with one extruder and a capacity of 5 tons per year. Today, the company operates an 8,000 square-foot (750) sq.m) facility with a capacity of 250 tons per year for the local market, and in 1996, the company will move to a new 32,300-square-foot (3,000 sq.m) factory, where it will produce 500 tons annually. For the stone industry, the company manufactures different types and colors of stone adhesives, hot fillers, fillers for travertine and similiar stones, and polishing waxes. Soon the company will also produce colorants fort its line of adhesives.

In addition to products for use installing stone, the company has also recently moved into the supply of stone itself. ELKAY has just introduced Tercot, a sandstone-like material available in red and white in block, tile or slab form.

Sole Agent in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China:

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